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Career Worksheets For All Professions

  1. Covers 19 Professions and 2,200 Positions

  2. Includes Keywords by Profession, Position, and Job Function

  3. Contains 300 Personal Attributes

  4. Includes 300 Descriptive Adjectives and Adverbs

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Career Worksheets are resume questionnaires that delve into all of your job functions. The career-formulated questions and keywords are specific for each profession and are packed with industry-specific information and many functional and achievement options from which to select. The questions are written in such a way so that you can add your answer to the question to create your job bullets—just like that.

Worksheets cover most all professions and positions within each profession and many functions and achievements related to each position. Each profession-specific, comprehensive Worksheet includes an employment section, relative resume keywords, personal attributes, and responsibility and achievement questions.

Product Review in Resume Writers Digest:

"...More than just a labor of love, Evelyn Salvador has created the most comprehensive resource for resume writers for nearly every profession imaginable...It's a real time-saver for both the client and the resume writer!”


Editor, Resume Writers Digest, Omaha, NE

“Wow...I am speechless and in awe! You have created a thing of beauty in your Career Worksheets. Many thanks for my future success!”

PERRY HOLMGREN, Professional Resume Writer

Competitive Edge Resumes, Lincoln, NE

“The Worksheets are superb! (The Connecticut Department of Labor has) been using, and using, and using them...What an outstanding tool!... They have enabled us to expedite the resume writing process dramatically, increasing productivity at least 70%!”


Connecticut Department of Labor, Torrington, CT

“I found Evelyn’s Career Worksheets 2000miles from home and immediately realized how useful they would be for the University's business students. I purchased the software in 2010 and have been using them nonstop for all of my career services appointments since then…I never tire of seeing how the students' self-esteem and sense of pride grows as they use the worksheets to capture skills from both their work experience and classroom projects. This translates into confidence in their resume and interview.

“Just yesterday, a student told me he grew up around drugs, violence, and gangs and decided to not get involved with any of that. Instead he is a senior accounting student who had never had anyone show him how to capture his successes, skills, and see a brighter future beyond getting his degree.

“The Accounting Worksheet turned him from a kid needing to work at a pizza place to making it through school into an emerging entry-level Accountant who handles all the bookkeeping, inventory, and cash drawer functions of the restaurant. Wow, what more can you ask for?!

“Thanks Evelyn – you touch lives.”

PAMELA ABELL, Director of Career Services

California State University

  “Evelyn's worksheets are so helpful! It saves me so much time to pull up one of her worksheets when interviewing a new client. She's got all the terms I need to remember right there; all the important questions come to mind right away. They are very detailed, with current keywords. Thank you, Evelyn for developing this system!”

KRISTEN S. JOHNSON, Professional Resume Writer

Profession Direction, Madison, WS

“I’m so excited about the increased efficiency I am experiencing from your Career Worksheets!”

SUSAN SHARP-HUFFINE, Professional Resume Writer

Custom Resume Service, Knoxville, TN

"I've done thousands of resumes over 20 years. I own dozens of reference books and have read multiples more...I can't even name a respectable second choice runner-up to your work. Your (Career) Worksheets is the best single piece of work I've seen...I believe anyone with a Grade 6 education could develop a decent resume from your Worksheets. I expect to do my best work yet!”

MARSHALL ARMSTRONG, Professional Resume Writer

Resume Advantage, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“These Worksheets are absolutely fantastic
…what a brilliant product you have written! They make (resume writing) much easier for us...”


Certified Professional Resume Writer

First Place Resumes, Nerang, Australia

“I have really been using your Career Worksheets
for All Professions and find them very helpful … Your material is so helpful it's difficult to do without it!”

KIM THOMPSON, Professional Resume Writer

Houston, TX

“… The Career Worksheets are awesome (and) a bargain at twice the price.”


Certified Professional Resume Writer

1st Rate Resumes, Lafayette, LA 


“The (Career) Worksheets are the core of how we do business…They are the reason our resume business has grown (from one) to a team of five resume writers!”


Tools for Transition, Newark, CA

“I absolutely love using the Worksheets. The quality of information that I am getting (from clients) now is far superior than before. Also it is less time-consuming for me, and I am not faced with having to draw out information from a client who is not prepared.”

JILL KELLY, Professional Resume Writer

J. Trailblazer Enterprises

   “I have used Evelyn's resume worksheets for years with my clients. They are fabulous, and she is constantly updating them and striving to make her products the best they can be. She is personable and great to work with. Highly recommended!”


Certified Professional Resume Writer

BLS Career Services, Denver, CO

“The Worksheets make it easier to prepare resumes. They have prompted clients to think about things they might not have considered worth listing. The optional check-off answers are great! …The Worksheets are focused, organized, and very detailed and the keywords are a great resource to use to customize resumes.”


The Resume Writer, Edison, NJ

“…I have used the Career Worksheets for years and find them easy, thorough, and very helpful for both me and the client when constructing a resume, bio, or other career documents…”


BeReady Resumes LLC, Philadelphia, PA

  “Evelyn’s Career Worksheets For All Professionals have saved me a great deal of time in researching occupations prior to my resume intake sessions. My clients have commented on the comprehensiveness of the questions and keywords in particular. They have facilitated discussions of areas critical to the client's career direction that might otherwise be overlooked. Thanks for helping me develop each client's unique brand, giving them an edge in a highly competitive marketplace.”

MELANIE NOONAN, CPS, Professional Resume Writer

Peripheral Pro, LLC, West Paterson, NJ

“Evelyn’s Career Worksheets product is agreat resource for any resume writer who needs help developing salient consultation questions for clients in a wide range of industries. Her expertise is recognized industry-wide, and she offers an array of unique products that would make excellent training aids for aspiring resume writers and other career practitioners seeking to improve their industry knowledge.”


Printed Pages Resume Service, Cincinnati, OH


“I have used Evelyn's Client Worksheets For All Professions for several years, and they particularly come in handy when I am writing a resume for someone whose background is unfamiliar to me. Evelyn has gone out of her way to help me learn to use the worksheets effectively, and has sent me supplementary information about other careers that were not initially included. I have gotten to know Evelyn personally during professional conferences, and have greatly benefited from her expertise, creativity, and wisdom.”


Take Charge Coaching, Phoenix, AZ

“I just want to take a minute between clientsto tell you how indispensable your Career Worksheets are. They are a valuable tool that I use daily. Thank you for making such a wonderful collection available!”


Certified Professional Resume Writer

Director of Testing & Development

CareerVantage, Ltd., Cincinnati, OH

“I purchased Career Worksheets from Evelyn. As a Certified Resume Writer, they have helped me tremendously to gather vital data from clients so that I can provide them with superior resumes.

Thank you for all of your substantial efforts in creating the worksheets that I submit to my clients, which makes my business more professional and productive. I've been using your worksheets since your first version. They've really helped me produce higher level and more comprehensive resumes with substantial substance. They are very beneficial to A 1st Impression Resume and its customers.”

PEARL WHITE, Certified Professional Resume Writer

A First Impression Resume & Career Coaching

Tangerine, CA

“I have used my Career Worksheets several times and find it just invaluable. That is the first thing I go to when working with a new client. It is the best thing I have ever purchased for my business. Thank you so much for putting this together.”


Career Advantage, Groton, MA

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