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“After relocating to Florida, I received 10 interviews and 6 job offers within 10 days using my Designer Resume.”

ANTHONY HUBERT, Retail Manager


“I received my first interview and a job offer one week after sending out my resume, with 5 job offers in 2 months.”

Robert Hassenheim, Store Manager

“My Resume is more original than other resumes…I believe it will help me get interviews because it uses a very different and professional approach… Very well done!”

Julie-Ann Signorille, Bank Vice President

“My resume looks very professional and impressive. I’m very satisfied with the end result!”

Nina P. Abaya, Account Executive

“I am very happy with my Designer Resume. It stands out and above all other resumes...”

Kenneth Kearse, Guidance Counselor

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Resumes are self promotions. If they don’t first attract their readers, chances are they won’t be read. Designer Resume Templates help you develop a striking resume that “wows” hiring managers to stop and read your resume first and call you ahead of your competition.

The job market and competition today are tough. You not only have to have an exemplary resume that targets your profession and showcases your achievements, but your resume must make an immediate impact with hiring managers so it is noticed and read. Designer Resume Templates takes a quantum leap into unique, professional, and creative resume designs.

Brought to you from the global leader on resume design, these easy-to-use design templates (in MS Word) help jobseekers gain more interviews than they ever thought possible. Tried and tested for two decades, Designer Resumes were our secret competitive edge that literally worked miracles for clients and now they are available to help careerists catapult their job search.

Each MS Word document is set up with three pages to include a cover letter and a two-page resume where you can add or delete pages as needed. Each design template contains preset text boxes ready to input your resume content so you can just print, fax, or e-mail to prospective employers. It’s that easy!

Designer Resume Templates

  1. Each design: $15 (sent via e-mail) Be sure to indicate your design selection(s) on Order Form.

  1. CD with 75 Designs: $139 + $7 S&H*

*Add $7 if mailed outside the US.

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“I received so many interviews from my resume I’ve lost track. The responses I’ve had from hiring managers have been phenomenal! Such as, 'I look at resumes all day. So far I’ve received over 200; but when I came to yours, I stopped and wouldn’t look at any more. That was it. I couldn’t believe how nice it was!’”

Michael Maddalena, Illustrator / Graphic Designer

“I received 2 job offers 2 days after sending out my resume with a 100% response rate. I just love the designs…”

Ginger H. – Executive Assistant

“...I feel my Designer Resume will help me get interviews because it is visually appealing and written in such a way that focuses on the positives.”

Tina Solimine, Elementary Teacher

“The Resume layout, artistry, and design are perfect… I have received many interviews and numerous compliments from hiring managers on my resume.”

Eric Ditman, Insurance Underwriter

“I received 30 interviews and 5 job offers in a 4-month period. Hiring managers have told me that my ‘Executive Resume Newsletter’ design is an excellent format.”

Steven Fieldberg, Pharmaceutical Consultant

“I received my first interview in one week and 6 interviews with 2 job offers in a month.”

Udo Schneider, Executive Chef

“Hiring managers have told me that my Designer Resume is the most unique Resume they have ever seen. Though there are not many positions available in my job market, I received 10 interviews and am now employed full-time.”

Howard Prider

Pharmaceutical District Sales Manager

“I am extremely happy about the presentation of my resume...”

Robyn Friedman, MSW, Social Worker

"The Designer Resume Gallery looks awesome!"

Susan Geary, Professional Resume Writer

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