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    Learn how to use all of these Personal Branding elements in your Resume:

  1. Personalized slogans

  2. Mission statements

  3. Case studies

  4. Success stories

  5. Work samples

  1. Testimonials

  2. Unique resume design   

  3. Charts and graphs

  4. Occupational Icons™

  5. Graphic elements

  1. Colors and textures

  2. Font choices

  3. Photo images

  4. StoryClips™

  1. Portfolios

  2. Work-in-action photos

  3. Stationery design

  4. Much more!


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Identifying, developing, and marketing your personal brand will compel hiring managers to call and hire you ahead of your competition—hands down! Personal Branding results in name recognition in your field and ultimately more interview calls. Learn how to develop your personal brand with hands-on techniques you can use immediately.

Today job seekers need more than just a powerful resume to get called for interviews. They need a way to brand themselves in their field that allows hiring managers to remember them. With heavy applicant competition in many fields and employers seeking only the most qualified candidates more carefully now than ever, Personal Branding is critical to market and present yourself to prospective employers.

Developed by a Personal Branding pioneer, Personal Branding How To takes a quantum leap into jobseeker branding with numerous ideas, techniques, tips, and strategies you can use right away. It contains verbal and visual secrets on how to brand yourself in your resume.

Like business branding through effective self-promotion, successful Personal Branding results in name recognition in your field. It is how your marketing pieces define your competitive edge through content and presentation, and promotes image recall in the mind of the hiring manager. The information and examples contained in this e-book will help you gain more interviews and job offers than you ever thought possible.

Personal Branding How To

The Easier, Faster, Better Way to Write an Exemplary Resume that Gets Results!

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