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18,000+ Resume Keywords is the largest keywords resource available in the world. With keywords for every profession and position, you can ensure all critical keywords are included in your resume so you are not excluded from the interview. Includes hundreds of keywords for over 2,200 positions! Keywords are categorized by position type and further by specific job functions, so hiring managers can screen your resume in, rather than tossing it.

Since most companies scan resumes for the right keywords to match their position openings, without infusing targeted keywords, hiring managers may never see your resume. This resource allows you to ensure all the pertinent keywords for your specific profession is included in your resume to maximize your interview odds.

With thousands of research hours built into this incredible product, resume keywords and keyword phrases were gleaned from current job openings as well as actual employer keyword lists to compile this mammoth resource! This keyword book on CD contains separate keyword lists for each profession, position type, and job function.

To ensure your resume is screened in, not out:

  1. Open the profession-specific keywords file applicable to your profession.

  2. Select your related areas of expertise that are targeted to your profession.

  3. Include the primary ones in a “Core Competencies” or “Areas of Expertise” section of your resume and infuse them within the body of your cover letter and resume. 

>> DOWNLOAD SAMPLE: Flight Attendant

18,000+ Resume Keywords

“Evelyn’s Work has been lightyears ahead of the market. She has parlayed her (career management) expertise, creativity, and broad knowledge into creating a number of tools and resources for use by professional resume writers. My favorite is the Resume Keyword Program…”

LAURA DE CARLO, Executive Director / President

Career Directors International

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