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Did you know that 93% of hiring managers today Google applicants before deciding to call for an interview or make a job offer? In today’s job market, having a positive Web presence is essential for all careerists. If you have a Web Portfolio, prospective employers are more apt to find your positive online identity, view your achievements, download your resume, and contact you; and it can ultimately drive your salary potential.

Your Website URL (YourName.com or YourNameProfession.com) can be included in your business / networking cards, Linked-in profile, email tagline, articles you write or are cited in, and for networking opportunities. 

Here’s an opportunity to purchase a profession- and brand-suitable Web Portfolio Background that you can use when creating your own Web Portfolio. You can also use the design to create your business cards to maintain your brand image.

Web Portfolios can include as few or as many web pages as sells you in your field. Pages can include Home / About, Resume, Bio or Credentials, Career Highlights, Achievements, Endorsements / Testimonials, Work Samples, Case Studies, or any other important criteria to sell you in your field.

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