Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to get hired quickly. There are so many products on the market. How do I know yours will really help me write an outstanding resume that will generate interviews?

Because they have been tried and tested for three decades resulting in positioning jobseekers in the Top 2% in their field of expertise and receiving their highest salary potential. Professional resume writers have used them for years and many of these tools have received career management industry awards. Don’t take our word for it. Read the Testimonials from those who have used them, and view all of our Media Coverage.

2. This site has a number of resume-writing products. Which do I select to write my resume?

If there is a DIY Resume Writing Kit available for your specific position, that’s the one to get to write your interview-generating resume as it contains all of the tools on this site along with step-by-step instructions. Including a Career Worksheet to compile your background information; all relative Resume Keywords from which to select; customizable Resume ClipBullets where you just check off the boxes, fill in the blanks, and drop them into your resume; and Designer Resume Templates designed for your profession that make hiring managers stop and read your resume first!

3. If a DIY Resume Writing Kit is not yet available for my specific position, what product(s) should I select?

You can compile your own Kit with the products mentioned above (in #2).

4. Can I choose a book instead to write my interview-generating resume?

Yes you can. Step-By-Step Resume books are in the throes of being written for every profession and all positions within each profession book. Quite a number are already available. You’ll find the link to purchase them on Amazon. Each book includes step-by-step instructions to make writing your resume a cinch.

5. I’ve read other books or tried other products and some are very hard to follow. I need something clear and specific that doesn’t leave me questioning what to do next. How will your tools help?

That was exactly our goal!! The author / developer believes in specificity while being comprehensive and at once concise to make instructions extremely easy to follow. Everything is written in methodical steps to ensure understanding and ease of use for everyone.

As one purchaser put it, “These tools are gratifyingly supernatural. They are refreshingly thorough and caring. It is like finding a golden needle in a haystack of dirty hay.” And another said, "Evelyn’s book spoke to me in a way that gave me hope. I know WHAT I need to do but her book tells HOW to do it. In steps. And that appeals to an Engineer.”

6. How do I know my profession and position(s) are covered?

View all of the professions and 15,000 Position Titles covered in these products and books.

7. Other than writing my resume, are there other products to help me be successful in my career?

Yes indeed. Both our Personal Branding Career Worksheet and Personal Branding How To book allows you to discover and leverage your own unique brand, which helps you position yourself in the Top 2% in your field of expertise. In addition, the LAND THAT JOB! A Step-by-Step Guide to Winning the Job You Desire at Your Highest Salary Potential book takes you every step of the way to land the position you seek—from conducting your job search to effective salary negotiation strategies.

8. Using your products, how long will it take for me to receive job interviews and land a job?

These tools have been proven to land interviews faster than 98% of other candidates. Generally, jobseekers who prepare their own resumes without these tools land positions in 3 to 5 months (and some not at all); but using our resume-writing poducts, candidates land jobs within 2 to 5 weeks (and some within just a few days). In addition, their income was elevated 20-50% and they earned several months or more extra salary as a result of obtaining a job sooner. Each product is definitely worth every penny!

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