Step-by-Step Cover Letters
Build a Cover Letter in 10 Easy Steps Using Personal Branding

The Companion Book to the Groundbreaking Step-by-Step Resumes Books

Step-by-Step Cover Letters
Build a Cover Letter in 10 Easy Steps Using Personal Branding

Step-by-Step Cover Letters uses a foolproof system of paragraph starters and numerous customizable foundations to help readers easily build outstanding cover letters that will get interviews and job offers.

This book leads you through the steps of writing compelling paragraphs, showing the value you bring, developing and communicating your brand in your letter, summarizing your key accomplishments, and compelling the employer to call you for an interview.

It takes you step by step to build your brand in all of its components: your assets, benefits, competitive edge, value proposition, and return on investment to sell you even before your resume is read.

It contains the tips, techniques, tools, and secrets that the pros use and explains exactly how to write a top-notch cover letter with easy instructions every step of the way...throughout the entire cover-letter-building process. There’s no other book like it!

Everything is totally customizable and suitable for all professions—from entry-level graduates to top-level executives.

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  • 75 Fill-in-the-blank Cover Letter Paragraphs
  • 700 Profession-specific Resume Keywords
  • 300 Personal Attributes
  • 42 Cover Letter Samples
  • Bonus CD-ROM (Print Version)

226 Pages

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“Thank you for writing Step-By-Step Cover Letters. It is an amazing book that has helped me tremendously in writing my Cover Letters. Your book stands out among the thousands of badly made Cover Letter books…Your book is not even ‘normal.’ It is almost gratifyingly supernatural. It is refreshingly thorough and caring. It is like a golden needle in a haystack of dirty hay.”
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