Step-by-Step Resumes

Build an Outstanding Resume in 10 Easy Steps!

(Generic Book For All Professions)
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Build an Outstanding Resume in 10 Easy Steps!
This is the first in the series of Step-by-Step Resumes books that was authored for all professions.

This revolutionary how-to workbook is the easiest way to create a winning resume…no writing required! By filling in the blanks, checking off relevant boxes, and pasting in prewritten Resume ClipBullets™, readers can pull together an interview-generating resume with ease. 

This generic Step-by-Step Resumes book is a complete how-to book that helps jobseekers surface to the top percentage of candidates called for interviews. It contains the tips, techniques, tools, and secrets that the resume pros use and leads you every step of the way with clear instructions to write a top-notch resume with the same results as a Certified Resume Writer.

Everything is totally customizable and suitable for all professions—from entry-level graduates to top-level executives. It shows you how to avoid the mistakes made by 98% of the general public when they prepare their own resumes so you can increase your interview odds!

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Contains an exhaustive collection of powerful resume keywords to make your resume stand out in electronic databases. Includes a section on integrating your resume into your social networking strategy, as well as personal branding worksheets, professional summary templates, and resume design templates. It even takes you through the job search, networking, and interview process to help you earn your highest salary. 


  • 400 Customizable Resume Bullets
  • 1,000 Resume Keywords
  • 2,700 Action Verbs
  • 150 Computer Skill Keywords

  • 300 Resume Adverbs and Adjectives 

296 Pages

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As Seen on FOX

FOX News, Baltimore featured Evelyn Salvador's customized DIY Resume Writing Kit in their Career Fair Computer Lab for jobseekers to prepare their resumes. The kit contained her Career Worksheets For All Professions, Step-by-Step Resumes book, and Designer Resume Templates.

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Executive Editor, Americanization
DK North America
(former Editor of JIST Publishing)
“Evelyn created an amazing book, Step-by-Step Resumes, that helps readers construct their resume the easiest way possible, with stunning results. The book has been very popular with readers, and we asked her to create a sequel for cover letters. Her attention to detail is astounding!"
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On First Librarian Blog Spot

“…When it comes to resume writing, I'm a fan of worksheets. If you have a patron who is struggling with writing a resume, a book of samples is not going to cut it; always recommend a book that has samples and worksheets… This book is chock-full of them… The templates can be reused when revising your resume to look for a new position… This book has some of the best advice that I have ever found.”
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