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In today’s job market, having a positive Web presence is essential.

Hiring managers Google applicants before calling for an interview or making a job offer. If you have a Web Portfolio, prospective employers can immediately find your positive online identity, view your achievements, download your resume, and contact you. And it can ultimately drive your salary potential.

Having a URL in your name helps you surface to a top browser page. Your URL should be included in your business/networking cards, LinkedIn profile, email tagline, articles, and more. 

Web Portfolio Designs are background images you or someone you designate can use (standard or long JPG file) to build your web portfolio so when hiring managers Google you for specific positions, they can at once find your positive online identity.

Web Portfolios can include as many web pages as sells you in your field (such as Home, About, Resume, Credentials, Career Highlights, Achievements, Work Samples, Endorsements, Case Studies, and the like).

Buy them individually or if you are a career practitioner or web developer, the entire collection.

  • Each Web Portfolio Design: $19
  • All Web Portfolio Designs: $189
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Here’s an opportunity to obtain a profession- and brand-suitable Web Portfolio background that you can use when creating your Web Portfolio.

Since you receive both the short and long versions, depending upon your content, you can use one or both sizes for your web portfolio pages.

You can also use the design for your business cards, stationery, and/or career marketing materials to maintain your brand image. For example, the long version can be used for your stationery and the shorter version for your business cards.

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