Land That Job!

A Step-by-Step Guide to
Winning the Job You Desire
at Your Highest Salary Potential

Takes You Every Step of the Way to Land the Position You Seek
Strategic advice on marketing yourself, conducting your job search, networking, preparing for and acing your interviews, and earning your highest salary potential

Land That Job! covers everything you need to know and do to win the job you desire. All of the research and writing is done for you!


  • How to conduct an effective job search
  • How to develop your positive online identity
  • Methods to brand and market yourself
  • How to upkeep your social networking
  • Creating a blog in your area of expertise
  • Developing your Web Portfolio
  • Compiling a Career Portfolio
  • Using social media platforms to locate positions
  • Posting your resume on job boards
  • Job board listings for all professions
  • Joining industry-specific professional associations
  • Registering with an employment agency
  • Building new contacts and nurturing relationships
  • How to effectively network online
  • How to prepare for various job interview types
  • How to ace your interviews
  • Interview follow-up steps
  • Effective salary negotiation strategies

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Here's to Hearing the Words "You're Hired!"