Resume Writer System-in-a-Box™
Contains Everything Resume Writers Need to Run Their Practice!
WON THE 2009 CAREER INNOVATOR AWARD and has been updated significantly since!
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For Professional Resume Writers
Everything You Need to Start Up or Build Your Resume Writing Practice!

Start a new practice or improve your current business with the Resume Writer System In-a-Box. New resume writers can literally start taking clients the same day, and seasoned writers can obtain the tools that hundreds of resume writers around the world use.

The cutting-edge, scientifically-formulated resume writing tools contained within the System all work together to help you create the best possible resumes for your clients while growing your business.

This unique System contains all the essentials you need to run your business and service your clients—from exceptional resume writing tools to client and business forms. And you can start charging professional resume writer prices right off the bat or increase your rates if you are a seasoned writer!

Years ago resume writers started their businesses on the fly. Now you can have the tools expert writers use to run a successful practice and create winning resumes for your clients easily and quickly every time.


$1489 (Value: $1844.95)
Upgrades from previous versions: $589
Add all Resume ClipBullets @ a $200 savings for $989
(Can be made in 3-monthly installments)

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There is no other system of its kind on the market.
You can start writing exceptional resumes the same day you receive your System!

Resume Writer System Benefits:

  1. New Resume Writers can immediately start writing outstanding resumes with little or no experience and charge professional resume writer prices.

  2. Seasoned Resume Writers who purchase components individually can get a number of them at a nice discount.

  3. You will have all the client and business forms you’ll need to run your practice.

  4. Garner all of your clients’ profession-specific background information to write outstanding resumes.

  5. Use thousands of preformed, customizable resume bullets to write your resumes—for every function.

  6. Incorporate all of your clients' critical resume keywords right into their resumes using the largest resume keywords resource on the planet!

  7. Craft Designer Resumes like a graphic designer so your clients can make an immediate first impression and hiring managers will view their resumes first.

  8. Learn how to personally brand your clients through the use of strategic and highly effective branding strategies and techniques.

  9. Position your clients in the top percentage of candidates as a general norm in your practice.

Certified Personal Branding Strategist
Top Margin Executive Career Services

“When I first started my resume writing practice back in 1990, I wish I could have tapped into Evelyn’s products! It would have saved me years devoted to honing questioning techniques through trial and error so I could understand a client’s occupation… It makes me understand just how valuable Evelyn’s ‘business in a box’ products truly are.”
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The latest versions of all of these producsts are included.

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